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Proof that our work is top notch!

Nikola Terzić

Co-Founder @ SerbLink

We approached Tech9320 with firm deadlines for our dynamic website. They are a fast pace and easy to work with team, with fluency in both Serbian and English. SerbLink will continue to leverage their expertise for our technical needs. I would highly recommend and gladly speak on their behalf!

Dušan Perez Fuentes

Co-Founder @ Narcist

Fantastic work with a competent team, we received comments to improve the idea, and the members of the team from Tech9320 were always accessible! Overall, we are extremely pleased with our partnership, and it is without a doubt that we highly recommend these guys. Can’t wait for our future collaborations.

Bojan Goretić

Founder @ Investiva

Kudos to Tech9320 team for their exceptional work! Their efficiency ensured the job was done seamlessly. Their open communication and ability to adapt to changes mid-project were invaluable, making the collaboration a success.

Adrian Solomon

Director @ Helixconnect Europe SRL

A great team of young professionals that are eager to meet all expectations. Very flexible, reliable and creative. I am extremely pleased with their work and would trust them for future projects.

Petar Vico

Head of Engineering @ SerbLink

I had the pleasure of working with the Tech9320 team for a large full-stack project for SerbLink. This team of young software engineers amazed me with not only their quality of code, but efficiency and promptness to deadlines. Tech9320 is filled with very talented engineers that have expertise in several different areas of software development. I would highly recommend partnering with them in your endeavours for top-tier software development expertise and quality.

Boris Mirković

Student | Shido Mentee

💾 Project Shido

These guys are amazing! Always there for all my questions! Had a wonderful time working with them and learning from them, and I'm looking forward to the future projects we'll work on together!

Obren Tomonjić

Owner @ Santo Domingo

💾 iBooks

Both quality and quantity, everything is easily and quickly agreed upon!

Bojan Dimitrijević

Founder @ CryptoTen

They understand everything that needs to be done, and they do it all just as quickly.

Dušan Korać

Flight Attendant

💾 Project Air

Congratulations to the whole team! I hope we'll cooperate again.

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